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    Handcuffs & Hairbrushes

    Hey, I'm Dylan, a twenty year old guy living in Islip Terrace, New York.

    My wonderful girlfriend, Nadine (who you can follow here), got me to make a Tumblr blog. My "blog" (if you can even call it that) consists mainly of reblogged items that amuse me, make me think, or capture how I'm feeling at that particular time - and cats and owls and shit. I've compiled a ton of images over the years, all kinds, and recently I've taken to posting a few of those a day.

    That's it, pretty much. I reblog stuff I like, or things I think my girlfriend and local friends who are on here would like. I don't cater to anyone, or provide anything special, usually. It's not a themed blog, I'm not adhering to any form or guaranteeing anything. I am posting a bit of stuff here and there, so that's something. I do reblog a lot of stuff though, and if you like what I reblog, then I can guarantee you a steady stream of that. Don't like that? Carry on; go about your day elsewhere. Either way, I wish you a happy life, truly.

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